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From an early age I remember my father was always a keen photographer. On our travels, including a 6 month trip Australia, I was always greatly impressed by his Pentax. He had a separate light meter and, well, in those days cameras used film, so between the complexities of having to source and develop the film, check lighting, set up for the shot -- and he was adventurous too, taking long exposure shots of beaches and stars -- it all meant that taking photographs took a lot of effort and attention to detail. And then afterwards family and friends would gather for the slide shows: clunk, kchirr... of the carousel, and "oops that one's upside down" when a slide was invariably the wrong way round...

Photography has come a long way, and so have I.

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My Journey

Having worked my way through corporate Complaints, Quality Assurance and Customer Experience one thing has remained the same - I am still a photographer. The equipment might have changed -- modern gear and computer processing provide seemingly infinite opportunities to tweak images -- but the passion for photography remains strong.

What I love about photography is that sense of looking at a moment in time: ambiguous, and ethereal... Photographs may be a valuable historical record, providing evidence of a time that once was, but they are also more than that. They can be beautiful, confrontonting, peaceful or even violent.

Photography can be very technical, yet it still relies on a creative eye for composition. There is something for everyone, but what it can't be without is a subject, and that is where you come in...

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